“Modern Japanese Dance Performance” 

Female Dance Company/ Tokyo Brand Action Partner/

Work Activity: Japan/Worldwide

HIDETOMO, a Japanese dance director and choreographer, created a new style of dance called “ARAIFUMI” in 1999. Fusing JazzHipHop and Japanese traditional dance movement called Mai, HIDETOMO redefined the notion of Japanese modern dance. More specifically, the all-female Mai dance group uses a refashioned version of sensu (traditional Japanese fan)—ones that have LED lights inserted in them—and wagasa (a traditional Japanese umbrella) to showcase an exhilarating, avant-garde performance. These female Mai dancers were not only selected from highly competitive auditions but they also work as professional models and actresses. With his expertise in choreographing and forming cohesive, dynamic groups, HIDETOMO continues to be involved with many international events, further developing his artistry while inspiring those around him.

Japanese LED Fan

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​appeared in the TV program.


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ARAIFUMI  Representative/ Director / Choreographer 


He provides and works on many variety of Japanese show and performance otherwise not only this show.

2011 outstanding choreograph award “Legend Tokyo”


2012 “ TOHOSHINKI” live tour choreographed to collaborate with Japanese umbrellas and projections mapping.

2015  NHK TV drama choreographed.


2015 start to make a commercial film and edit to produce  ARAIFUMI every performance show.


2017 “ TATUYA ISHII Produce” yosakoi choreograph of two hundred dancer.


2019 NHK public broadcast singing performance show for dancers of Sayuri Ishikawa who is famous Japanese traditional singer.




Most beautifully Japanese enthusiasm dance.

Are active on the world!

Jazz・HipHop・Contemporary・ FunkJazz
All dancer have each professional style of dance.


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